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Winter Essentials

Ice Break Extreme is the No 1 Choice for Ice Removal
Rapid Ice Remover - Ice Break Extreme

Ice Break Extreme ice melting pellets is without doubt the most effective way to remove ice. It is safe, works 8x faster than rock salt and lasts for up to 48 hours.

The unique formula quickly penetrates ice breaking the bond to the ground. It is lightweight, easy to apply and leaves absolutely no mess at all. It is non-toxic to humans, animals and vegetation. It is best applied via a spreader or trowel. It is the preferred choice to replace rock salt.


Ice Break Extreme - No More Shovelling



 Commercial grade, premium rapid ice remover
 DOES NOT CONTAIN FILLERS - 100% pure graded granulated pellets
 Works 8x faster than rock salt for de-icing
 Covers 12X the area of rock salt
 Long Lasting - lasts up to 48 hours
 Non-corrosive - will not damage concrete, tarmac, metals or floors
 Non-toxic - will not harm vegetation or animals
 Environmentally Friendly - 100% soluble & biodegradable-leaves absolutely no mess
 Effective - works down to -59°F/-21°C and prevents refreezing


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  Works at -21 degrees

Approved by MOD and NHS

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