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Food Grade Lubricant

APT have a varied range of professional, high quality food grade lubricants to include food grade grease, food grade silicone and food grade alcohol. We have been supplying food manufacturing companies our food safe lubricant products for over 30 years.

Food Grade Lubricant

Do you process foods? Is your company a manufacturer of food handling and other catering equipment? If so, you will no doubt need to purchase lubricants for your machinery that is safe for use around food.

We realise that you will want the best value for money that you can find and at APT that is what we provide as well as 30 years expert advice. Our technical team are on hand to talk you through any issues and provide solutions for your company.


What Are Food Grade Lubricants?

Whilst ensuring that the production and preparation of food is carried out to the highest of health and safety standards, it is critical that your machinery is protected against wear and tear; a breakdown costs both time and money.

Food safe products are not just limited to the lubrication of moving parts. Where the process includes the moulding of either food or food containers, a food-safe mould release agent is needed.


Why Choose APT For Your Food Safe Lubricant?

We always ensure that we have the best food grade lubricants available to select from our online store. All of the lubricanting oils and greases we stock are manufactured to the highest standards that reach the FDA food safe requirements.

APT are confident that our food safe lubricants and greases can be used safely in catering equipment and on food manufacturing production lines; making sure your equipment and machinery can operate at optimum levels.

You will also be pleased to hear that our food grade lubricants are competitively priced. All prices can be found clearly detailed online.


What Lubricants Are Available?

Some of our most popular food safe cleaning products include the following:


If you require any assistance with ordering lubricants, please feel free to contact our expert team. We will be happy to assist you further and we look forward to hearing from you.