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Fogging Machines

APT Fogging Machines
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Fogging sanitation for
care and nursing homes

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St Bart’s Academy Trust

 I was looking into buying fogging machine and sanitising products. To restart the academies, after a lot of research and huge frustrations I came across APT they certainly knew their stuff and had firsthand experience in carrying out their own fogging service. This gave me great confidence and they certainly helped me to fully understand the abilities for fogger machine sanitising for the academy and they provided the completed fogging package.

Not only did they provided clear information they helped me select the correct fogger machine, the antiviral disinfectant as well as the full correct PPE safety pack. APT provided a video and the full instruction procedure to get me started, and offered instruction how to best use the fogger and antviral concentrate, they could even provide me a generic RISK & METHOD ASSESSMENT (Rams) schedule saving me hours of research.

Professional company with good communication and a reliable service.

Maxine Spooner
Contracts and Procurement Officer
St Bart’s Multi Academy Trust

Ralph Trustees Ltd., London

 I was looking for a simple to use, effective and efficient way of sanitising larger spaces around the Hotels, particularly those areas that contained contain fabrics (chairs, settees, curtains, carpets). The solution provided by APT was a Tornado B fogging machine with Viro-kill Concentrated anti-viral sanitiser.

The solution has totally lived up to that brief and the Hotel teams are now using the Blitz foggers for a number of other sanitisation tasks as well as they have found it so effective and easy to use. I thoroughly recommend the equipment.

Robert Kenworthy
Group Facilities Director
Ralph Trustees Ltd.

Chair of Trustee's of East Sussex Charities

 Dear Sir / Madam
After speaking to your staff at the initial contact with your company APT, who I found most helpful. I was told the MK4 Sanitiser was both simple to use and easy to handle. After discussions with fellow Trustee’s we decided to purchase one from your Company (APT). We decided to purchase by telephone and found this to be a painless operation. The delivery was handled by TNT who again were most helpful. We finally received the New MK4 in only a couple of days from our initial order.
The next working day I unpacked the unit and filled the reservoir with with the pre diluted solution and proceeded to use the fogger which I found both very easy to use and handle.

I am The Chair of Trustee’s of Several East Sussex Charities responsible for buildings containing 7 large public rooms used for meetings, display’s, lectures and fitness classes, together with one fully operational Theatre.

I have no problems with recommending both APT and the MK4 Fogging machine for their use.

Very kind regards

Mike Clarke
Chair of Trustee's of several East Sussex Charities

Neil Muir, Monmouth

 We bought our fogger from chinese supplier on amazon what a load of crap delivered weeks late now struggling to get refund for faulty machine - don’t by cheap. APT is far better service choice helpful, very experienced dealers confidence renewed
Apt provided full information on fogging with tips upfront & full ppe package even the h & s info this saved me hours researching to even find P3 masks and antivirus liquid
highly recommended

Neil Muir

Paul James Construction

 I bought a fogger on eBay – what a nightmare never again - it arrived three weeks late and then broke within a week. I then phoned around several companies selling foggers they we not very helpful just wanting to sell sell machines. I then found APT they really know their stuff explained everything gave me complete package including masks and ppe, the anti-viral disinfectant. Provided great information and tips EVEN THE H&S INFO PAPERS TO TRAIN MY STAFF. GREAT SERVICE

Paul James Construction

Whitehall Clinic, Leeds

 Highly recommend to only buy fogger machines from APT. These really know their job they provided the complete package saved me hours of research - the right product information, the right ppe, the h & s pack and the antiviral disinfectant great after sales service

Alex Jones
Whitehall Clinic, Leeds

Shaun Burgess Contract Services

 I learned the hard way - DON'T BY FOGGER FROM START UP TYPE MERCHANTS - stack them high sell the cheap - JUST MAKING A QUICK BUCK during covid. WHEN YOU BY CHEAP YOU GET CHEAP - NO SERVICE, USELESS OR NO WARRANTY, NO ADVICE OF AFTERSALES, WASTE OF TIME WHEN THINGS GO WRONG AND THEY DO, Called APT what a service they really understands the foggers, disinfectants and the process. they gave me great back all the health and safety advice and even the Rams with great tips to carry out the fogging services for my clients - will always buy my products from these guys highly

Shaun Burgess Contract Services

Using a disinfectant fogging machine UK significantly reduces the number of infectious viable pathogens and airborne bacteria PROVIDED THAT YOU USE A RECOMMENDED TERMINAL DISINFECTANT

 APT handheld fogging machine will destroy 99.9% of harmful airborne bacteria and infectious organisms that rest on all surfaces
 The sanitizer fogging machine have a vast range making them perfect for large areas
 Results are quick and significant
 They are portable and easy to use giving you complete control

What product do you recommend for use in the Fogging Machine for fumigation?

 We recommend that Viro Kill is used through the fogging machine to directly infiltrate all surfaces including hard to reach crevices and soft furnishings where bacteria can rapidly grow
 Viro Kill is a powerful, fast acting amphoteric biocide bactericidal killer, conforms to BS EN1276 and BS EN 14476
 Viro Kill is food safe and can be used in food manufacturing and processing plants

Fogging Disinfection

APT have been in the specialist chemical and infection control industry for over 30 years, we have expert knowledge of the best methods, effective chemicals including our disinfectnat fogger UK. We adopt the correct practice to put in place when infectious outbreaks like coronavirus occur.

What does a commercial fogging machine cleaning do?

It significantly reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens, treating the surface and the air, when compared to manual surface cleaning alone. It offers a quick, effective process with minimal disruption to the organisation.

Fogging sanitation produces micro-droplets of disinfectant and biocides that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application. Dispersing these micro-droplets into the air means the solution can reach hard to access areas that would not be sanitised by conventional cleaning.

What are the benefits of a Fogging Machine in Sanitisation?

Fogging machines are often used in pest control but virus elimination is one of the areas in which fogging machines excel. Is it time you considered investing in one? Read our Blog post The Benefits of a Fogging Machine in Sanitisation.

Fogging machine for hospitals - are they recommended?

The simple answer is yes, it is one of the most effective ways to quickly sanitise and remove pathogens.

Is it safe to use the Fogging Machine Cleaning on all Surfaces?

Using VIRO KILL through the commercial fogging machine is safe for disinfecting all hard and soft surfaces including curtains, telephone equipment, fridges, computers, toilets etc.

As well as supplying our fogging sanitisation equipment, our sister company also provides deep clean fogging services for more information APT-ICC Infection Control Fogging Services

What is the difference between wet, dry & electrostatic fogger application methods?

The main difference is the droplet size. Further information about these differences can be found via Fogging Application Methods page.

These disinfectant Fogging Machines for sale UK are supplied with either RTU Viro Kill (Ready to use antiviral disinfectant) or our Super Concentrated Viro-Kill (terminal surface sanitising solution which makes up to 50 times more than our RTU Viro Kill and it is the most cost effective option). VIRO KILL is a fogging machine liquid, recommended for use to kill 99.9% of airborne and surface bacteria.

Our Commercial Fogging Machines are for sale directly in the UK. Ideal for fogging and disinfecting all areas of a building to reduce risk of coronavirus. We understand that it is not always easy to decide or know what the right fogging machine is, that’s why we have a free phone number so that our trained staff can help talk you through it, please call us we are happy to help 0800 0723 773.