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Anti Graffiti Paint

Anti Graffiti Paint

When your image and the local environment is at stake, anti-graffiti paint is a powerful tool in your anti-vandal arsenal. Whether you call it an anti-graffiti coating or anti-vandal paint, our carefully formulated paints are designed to make life as tough as possible for anyone with graffiti remover on their mind.

What’s more, by discouraging graffiti, it’s possible that other forms of anti-social behaviour may be discouraged too. That’s got to be good for your business and the local environment.


More than just another anti-graffiti paint supplier

Cutting corners on anti-graffiti coatings is rarely a good idea. This is a highly specialised area, which is why discerning private and public sector buyers trust us whenever they need to keep anti-social behaviour at bay. We’re more than just another anti-graffiti paint supplier. With our long experience in the business and strong scientific background, we’re perfectly positioned to give you time and money-saving advice on the right anti-graffiti coatings for your structure.


Performance, value and our trademark customer service

From the paint itself to sprayers, safety goggles and industrial cleaning cloths, you’ll find everything you need in our anti-graffiti paint category. And as you’d expect, every product comes backed by our trademark customer service. You, APT and our anti-graffiti paint – the perfect partnership when anti-graffiti protection is called for.


Should you require commercial graffiti removal then our sister company APT-ICC Ltd can help you in that area, please take a look at their website for more information -


For best advice on our full range of graffiti removal products please call us on 01495 308048