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Brick Cleaner

Over time, weathering and air pollution will darken your brickwork, making your premises look old and gloomy. This is not a great first impression for visitors and potential clients and can even affect how your employees work too - going into a dirty looking building every day isn't the greatest motivator! APT brick cleaning chemicals can give your building an astonishing and fast facelift.

But not only does weathering and pollution disfigure bricks, it damages them too, leaving you with a potential health and safety issue - surface spalling could cause fragments of brick to hit passers by, employees and visitors leading to a compensation claim.

Moss and algae growing on walls weaken both bricks and mortar and should be removed as soon as possible otherwise you will find that your building suffers from penetrating damp. Not only does that create an unhealthy working atmosphere leading to frequent staff absence and lost productivity, it will damage anything stored near to the damp walls - stationery stock, products and so on.

Whatever your needs, it is important that you get the right product for the job otherwise it could cost you thousands in repair bills and wasted time. You can choose from a good range of brick cleaning materials, algae and moss removers with built-in inhibitors that will slow down the inevitable return of these two damaging problems, acidic brickwork cleaning products and even graffiti removal products.

We always follow the old saying that prevention is better than cure, regular maintenance using APT products will pay dividends in the long run. Call 01495 308048 now for free help and advice on brick cleaning or buy your brickwork cleaning chemicals online now.

But if the job is too big for you, or you can't spare the staff to clean your brickwork walls, contact our sister company who carry out commercial exterior and interior cleaning for large and small businesses.