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Acid Rust Remover

Rust removers

 Rust problems? Need to get rid of rust permanently?

If you are searching the Internet for an industrial rust remover, your search is over. Here at APT, you can choose from several products, depending on the severity of the problem.

Which type of rust removal product?

For example, if you simply need to remove light rusting ready for immediate coating, or the removal of rust staining from a variety of surfaces, you need our Extreme Wash 80 which is a hydrochloric acid based product designed for rust removal and descaling. Watch the rust disappear before your eyes and the powerful surfactants enable it to be rinsed away!

If you need to remove rust from products or surfaces that are more heavily rusted and will not be re-coated for a while, Phos Clean, which is based on phosphoric acid is the best rust removal chemical for your needs.

For external painted steelwork, fencing and railings, a phosphoric acid deruster is best. The chemical name for rust is iron oxide. It forms on the surface of iron or steel as a result of the chemical reaction that takes place between oxygen from the air and iron in the presence of moisture or water. Phosphoric acid derusters act by chemically altering the rust, forming a black material - ferric phosphate. This black ferric phosphate coating can either be physically removed, leaving a fresh and rust free metal surface, or more usually, it is left in place to act as a protection against further corrosion. Provided all loose rust has been flaked off, the ferric phosphate can be painted.

Who uses APT derusters?

 Our rust removers are widely used in the following industries:

  • engineering
  • transport and automotive
  • chemical
  • manufacturing
  • Local Authorities

Can you add your industry to this list?

Economical rust remover

Whatever your needs, rust is a problem that just won't go away so you should always have some deruster in stock. APT rust removal chemicals are manufactured from the best possible raw materials yet with economy in mind. They are concentrated so you will benefit from both economy in use, reduced storage needs and and less buying administration as you won't need to order as often as with inferior products.

 Call 01495 308048 now for free help and advice on removal of rust or buy your rust removal chemicals online now.