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Solvent Degreaser

APT is a leading supplier of solvent degreasers. These fast acting degreasing solvents liquefy oil, grease, diesel, tar, bitumen, rubber, wax and asphalt on contact.

Solvent Degreaser

Greases and oils are not water soluble, which makes these substances difficult to remove. APT have designed ours to cut through the oil and grease, in addition to other substances such as wax, glue and other adhesives.

Through years of working with manufacturing and engineering plants, we have designed solvent based degreasers that perform under the most strenuous conditions.


What Is A Solvent Degreaser?

APT have a large range of solvent degreasing products designed for use in a variety of industrial and light engineering sectors. These include degreasers that can be used for automated and manual degreasing including ultrasonic cleaning baths, parts spray washer cleaning and in line tunnel cleaning.

Many of these formulations include our unique blend of powerful surfactants that ensures that they are easily rinsed, taking the contaminants with them.

Our solvent based degreasers leave little or no residue, depending upon the precise application or process.


What Is A Solvent-Based Degreaser?

Below you will find a few suitable products for use in your organisation.


Microtec 41-80 - Fast-Drying Safe Solvent Cleaner

This product is virtually odour free and non-toxic, making it safe for settings such as aerospace and electronics, where strong odours and toxic cleaning agents cannot be tolerated. This particular product is designed to be 100% evaporating, leaving no residue. It removes grease, oil, ink, glue, adhesive, wax and various other sticky residues leaving components and surfaces ready for testing or the application of primer or other coatings.


Mectar Citrus Solvent Degreaser And Tar Remover

A perfect Tar Remover which is highly concentrated and formulated with controlled evaporation so the product remains in contact with the surface for a slightly longer period of time.


Kagez 703 Quick Drying Safe Solvent Based Degreaser And Cleaner

This product can even be used on non-live electrical parts.


Citrus RTU Degreasing Solvent

Rapidly removes grease, oil and build-up from metals and painted surfaces. It also removes adhesives. It is non-corrosive.


In addition, the products provide strong and effective degreasing. They are non-toxic and chlorine-free as well as environmentally friendly and user safe.


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