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Parts Cleaner

Parts Cleaner Fluid

It’s easy to make sure you've always got the right parts washer to hand when you can choose from our parts cleaner, parts washer and degreaser range. From handy aerosols to bulk packs of 5 litre,25 and 205 litre of kagez solvent parts cleaner or our specialist citrus degreaser and oue heavy duty concentrated aluminium safe parts washer cleaner metasoak for decarbonising intricate parts, we’re sure you’ll find everything you need here.


Discerning users of parts washer fluid already trust us


Cutting corners by using the wrong parts washer solvent is a false economy and could lead to all kinds of problems. Why take chances when the advice you need and the perfect product are a phone call or email away. That’s why discerning users of parts washer fluid and parts degreaser already trust us.We’re more than just a supplier of industrial parts washer liquid. Every enquiry and order also gives you reassuring access to decades of experience in cleaning products. We’ll help you choose between different parts washers – just tell us what you need to clean and we’ll recommend a product to do the job safely, economically and quickly.


APT parts washer cleaner products designed to save you time and money


Where possible our products can do several cleaning jobs – so you don’t need to order several different parts washer cleaners ,or engine cleaner . And because our range is often highly-concentrated, there’s another way to save in the long-run.


Remember, you and APT make a great team whenever you need an effective, eco friendly, parts washer.