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Aluminium Cleaner

APT has specialised range of aluminium cleaners for engineering, road and rail transport industries. After decades of being at the forefront of cleaning product suppliers, we know the ins and outs of cleaning different metals.

Aluminium Cleaner

If you know how to clean aluminium properly, you’ll understand why a non-caustic aluminium cleaner is required so as not to damage the metal. Conventional caustic cleaners will only harm it - and it’s the same for any other metals that are sensitive to caustic products. That’s why we include specialised products for engineering, road and rail transport industries. Anywhere, in fact, where aluminium cleaning matters for performance, hygiene or image.


What Is The Best Cleaner For Aluminium?

Using the wrong products for cleaning aluminium is a sure-fire way to waste time and money - and end up with a damaged component. APT have 30 years of industrial experience of cleaning different metals throughout industry. We don’t just sell these products either, we design and develop them too and offer the kind of customer service that you may have thought had gone out of fashion. That’s just another of the reasons why our loyal industrial customers keep coming back for cleaners and degreasers from our professional cleaning products range. We’re more than just another online shop front - we’re a true partner when it comes to cleaning aluminium and other materials.


What Chemical Can Be Used To Clean Aluminium?

APT have a range of non-caustic aluminium cleaner from our cleaning product suppliers range which are safe to use in engineering or food industries These include Metasoak HDI, AC 760 and Zuko Degreaser.


Safe, Eco-friendly Aluminium Cleaning Product Suppliers

What’s more, because we care about the environment as much as you, APT are renowned as a trusted cleaning product supplier throughout the UK, our products are eco-friendly and rapidly biodegradable.

If you need more information on how to clean aluminium please call our experts.


Looking for an Industrial Cleaning Service Company?

Should you require an industrial cleaning company then our sister company APT-ICC Ltd can help you, please visit their website for more information -