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Hard Surface Cleaners

Hard Surface Cleaners


By choosing the right hard surface cleaners, it’s easy to keep surfaces clean around your premises. Whatever the cleaning task, you’ll find lots of surface cleaning products here. From floor cleaning to concentrated kitchen worktop cleaning, we’ve got everything needed for safe outdoor cleaning.


Cutting corners on hard surface cleaners often backfires

Trying to save a few pounds by cutting corners on hard surface cleaners often proves to be false economy. Have you ever noticed how cheap cleaners don’t seem to last as long or clean as well? It happens, but not with our cleaning materials. We offer highly-concentrated solutions that last longer and work out cheaper. And many products do several jobs – so you save by not having to order and store several different products.


How are we more than just another cleaning products stockist

Every APT hard surface cleaner is designed for professional exterior cleaning. It’s what we’ve done for decades – so you know you’re getting effective products and reliable advice when you contact us. We’re more than just another stockist of hard-surface cleaning products – from stone cleaner to heavy duty degreaser and surface cleaner, you and your APT hard surface cleaners are the perfect team in the war against dirt.