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Antibacterial Cleaners

APT's range of antibacterial cleaners includes surface disinfectants, anti-bacterial sprays and all-purpose cleaners for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. These antibacterial cleaning products are ideal for use in hospitals, medical care centres, offices, call centres, clean room facilities, education establishment, sports centres, and anywhere needing a clinical clean.

Antibacterial Cleaning Products


APT has a huge range of antibacterial cleaning products for all types of surfaces and applications. Each antibacterial cleaner is designed to kill bacteria and viruses in bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-volume areas.

Unlike other surface cleaners, these all-purpose products are ideal to disinfect and sanitise medical facilities, educational facilities, sports centres, businesses, and anywhere else that requires clinical cleanliness. These versatile formulas vary and depend on the type of cleaning required. Some are fast-drying, others are wiped off, some are dilute and clean with no need to rinse off, and finally, formulas that need rinsing off.


APT Product Range:

  • VIROKILL Antiviral Disinfectant Concentrate (Also for Fogging Machines)
  • Supreme Clean 70 Alcohol Spray Cleaner
  • Ultraclean MB Kitchen Degreaser
  • Antibac WS Antibacterial Washing Up Detergent
  • Hi-Drocleanse Antibacterial Surface Cleaner
  • GermTec+ Sanitising Spray
  • SteriTec Alcohol Spray

This range of cleaners has passed the strict European Standards to ensure they effectively kill 99.99% of all harmful pathogens and viral microorganisms. They are non-tainting and safe to use, even on food preparation surfaces. Except for the ready-to-use VIROKILL and spray formulations, the rest are super concentrated, making them highly economical to use.


What Is A Good Antibacterial Cleaner?

A good antibacterial cleaner can do more than one cleaning task on a variety of surfaces. Spray cleaners are great for targeted tasks like cleaning countertops, stoves, and bathroom fittings. Concentrated cleaners are best for diluting to clean larger areas like walls, floors, and large surfaces.

Reducing the dangers of infection is important to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. A good antibacterial cleaner for the manual washing of crockery, cutlery, and glassware should also cut through the grease and clean a large variety of hard surfaces. One of the best antibacterial cleaning products for this purpose is APT’s Antibac WS Antibacterial Washing Up Detergent.

Supreme Clean 70 Alcohol Spray is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting smaller surfaces. Ultraclean MB is ideal for larger surfaces, especially in kitchens, where degreasing and disinfection are needed. For other large cleaning tasks, VIROKILL or Hi-Drocleanse are active biocides that are highly-concentrated and environmentally friendly.


What Cleaning Products Are Antibacterial?

If you are looking for a good range of antibacterial cleaning products, APT’s antibacterial cleaners offer you a full range of dilutable and spray-on products. The best spray products that ensure germ-free surfaces include SteriTec - 12 Alcohol Spray, Supreme Clean 70 Alcohol Spray Cleaner, and GermTec+ Santitising Spray.


How Do I Know If A Cleaner Is An Antibacterial?

APT’s antibacterial cleaning products are designed to kill all harmful bacteria and viruses in record time. All the products based on alcohol contain a 70% alcohol base, the most effective percentage for killing 99.99% of all harmful organisms. Each product meets one or all the European Standard certificates European Standard BS EN 14476, BS EN 13697 & BS EN 1276, guaranteeing both effective and safe cleaning applications.