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Graffiti Cleaners

Graffiti Cleaners

The range of available graffiti cleaning products just gets better and you’ll find some of the best here. If you’re faced with graffiti removal, our graffiti removal chemicals and accessories are the answer.


Safe, Easy-to-use Graffiti Cleaning Products

For decades, we’ve been developing and marketing one of the UK’s top ranges of cleaning products - including safe and easy-to-use graffiti cleaners. Need more persuading? Just view our video on how to remove graffiti - then try our specially formulated products for yourself.

With so many environmentally-friendly graffiti cleaning products we can help you get rid of this blighting vandalism - and keep it away. We don’t just sell cleaners - we design and develop graffiti a full range of graffiti cleaning products too. From eco paint-stripper gel to graffiti cleaners’ surface wipes and eco-friendly graffiti removal chemicals, we give you a decisive advantage in the battle against vandals who wield spray cans and marker pens against your property.


Just Ask If You Need More Help Or Advice

We tried to make it as easy as possible to select what you need from our product pages but if you need more help or advice about a specific graffiti cleaner, our customer service team is here for you. Graffiti’s a pain, but help’s on hand with the distinctive APT brand. Together, you and our graffiti cleaning range make the perfect team in the battle against graffiti.


Should you require commercial graffiti removal then our sister company APT-ICC Ltd can help you in that area, please take a look at their website for more information -