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Citrus Degreasers

Citrus Degreasers

Are you looking for a product to replace your conventional solvent degreaser? Do you need to find one that satisfies current environmental and safety legislation?

In a production environment, removal of all traces of oil, grease and other contaminants is crucial. Poor degreasing can lead to a variety of manufacturing issues that could damage your company's reputation - ensure yours stays intact by choosing APT industrial citrus degreasers.

APT manufacture high quality Citrus Degreasers

Our aim is to provide you with the best quality citrus degreasers that will consistently deliver results, yet are affordable, safe and environmentally friendly. The ideal way to clean and degrease all your industrial plant, factory equipment and machinery even the floors. Its so versitile it can help you improve your 5 s or kaisen standards; this one product will easily fit into you plant cleaning programme, providing savings all round. 


APT supply only Concentrated Degreasers

Low volatile organic compound levels and high flashpoints will mean that less complex solvent control methods are required.

Unlike conventional solvent cleaners which require specialist disposal, you can simply rinse away any spillages as APT concentrated citrus degreasers are water soluble and made with eco-friendly natural ingredients. APT solvent cleaners are versatile for all cleaning tasks.

You will find APT degreasers used in a wide variety of applications, for example:

• parts cleaning
• surface cleaning prior to painting, galvanising or other coating processes
• machine cleaning to remove dirt build up caused by grease
• cleaning of engines and factory machinery 
• vehicle cleaning
• heavy plant cleaning
• floor and other hard surface cleaning
• tar removal
• removal of chewing gum
• removal of adhesives

For more information on how to choose the most effective Citrus Degreaser for your needs call us now on 01495 308048.