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Graffiti Remover

APT’s graffiti removers are from our professional range and are used by councils and commercial cleaning companies throughout the UK. With 30 years of industry experience, you can be assured that you are buying the best graffiti removal products.

Graffiti Remover

Our graffiti removers are commercial grade and can tackle any graffiti issues on any surfaces at ease.

We all know graffiti is a blight on any business or industrial premises where it is inflicted. Fortunately, by using the right graffiti removal products, it’s easier than ever to clean graffiti from walls and other surfaces and make it harder for vandals to do their worst in the first place. Cleaning off graffiti as soon as you can sends a clear message to perpetrators that you won’t tolerate their vandalism. And of course, graffiti paint remover helps you maintain a presentable environment - which may discourage further graffiti attacks.


Graffiti Removal - Before   Graffiti Removal - After
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What Chemical Removes Graffiti?

At APT, we apply decades of experience and scientific knowledge to the specialist graffiti removal products that keep environments like yours looking clean.

APT have a whole range of professional graffiti removal products which includes Anti Graffiti Paint, Anti-Graffiti Coating, Ghost Remover, Wipeout liquid, sprayers, eco paint-stripper gel, Graffiti Wipes and even Gum Remover.

Whether you want convenient graffiti wipes, plastic-safe graffiti removers, or non-solvent products, you’ll find everything you need in our range. These products are available in a range of sizes to suit the task in hand.


30 Years Of Providing Graffiti Removal Products

Each safe and effective APT anti-graffiti product is backed by our trademark customer service and has been thoroughly tested.

Our trained team will provide expert advice to your problem. We will determine the correct product for the appropriate surface. We will also provide exacting instructions in how best to eradicate graffiti from your premises, monuments, bridges, road signs and even vehicles. Our products have been used on Castles, Listed Buildings, Heritage Monuments to name a few.


APT will work with you to fight the battle against unsightly graffiti in all kinds of private and public sector environments.


Should you require commercial graffiti removal then our sister company APT-ICC Ltd can help you in that area, please take a look at their website for more information -