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Kitchen Cleaning Products

Having the right industrial and commercial kitchen cleaning products and kitchen degreaser on hand is one of the keys to health and safety compliance and an efficient kitchen in your catering business. Our kitchen cleaning supplies includes degreasers, glass and hard surface cleaners also washing up liquids will kill germs where food is prepared.

Kitchen Cleaning Products

From sani wipes to stainless steel cleaners and germicidal cleaner, our kitchen cleaning supplies got everything you need.


Don’t Cut Corners With Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Products

Cutting corners on commercial kitchen cleaning supplies is a false economy. What’s more, it can easily get you into the kind of hot water we’re sure you’d prefer to avoid. That’s why discerning users of kitchen cleaning chemicals and commercial kitchen cleaners trust their business relationship with us. We’re more than just a commercial cleaning products supplies business - we’re your partner for all kinds of kitchen cleaning products.


Performance And Long-term Value Our Kitchen Degreaser Gives Far Greater Economy...

From kitchen degreasers to glass and washing up liquids, our products last longer and give you better value in the long-run. Our wholesale commercial kitchen cleaning supplies and products are designed specifically for the catering and food processing industries. And they’re backed up by our trademark customer service. You and APT - it’s the perfect team in the battle against dirt and germs where food is prepared in a hard-working, health conscious commercial environment.


Should you require commercial kitchen cleaning then our sister company APT-ICC Ltd can help you in that area, please take a look at their website for more information at