APT is renowned for its high-quality solvent based cleaners that are specifically designed for use in the industrial, engineering, and manufacturing sectors. Our cleaning solvent products are specially formulated to tackle tough challenges, including oil, grease, wax, glue, and other adhesives. With their exceptional cleaning power, these pvcu solvent cleaners are highly effective for demanding tasks in industries such as aerospace, electronics, and transport to remove ingrained dirt.

When it comes to industrial cleaning, precision and reliability are crucial. Our solvent cleaners have been trusted by top clients, including Renold, Nicholson McLaren, Network Rail, BMW, and many more. We take pride in providing cleaning solutions that meet the rigorous standards of these industry leaders.


With over 30 years of experience, APT provides high-quality solvent cleaners for industrial, engineering, and manufacturing sectors. Our scientifically formulated products effectively cut through oil, grease, wax, and adhesives in aerospace, electronics, and transport industries.

Trusted by renowned clients like RAF, Liberty Steel and Network Rail, our solvent-based cleaners deliver exceptional performance. We prioritize user and environmental safety, ensuring compliance with regulations. Save time and resources with our expert consultation, allowing you to select the right solvent cleaner for your needs.

Experience superior cleaning results, cost-effectiveness, and reliability with APT’s solvent cleaners. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and benefit from our industry-leading solutions.

Solvent cleaning products include degreasers which are used for all manual and automated degreasing including parts spray washer cleaning, in line tunnel cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning baths. Some of these evaporate quickly and some slowly and leave little or no residue, depending upon the precise application or process.

Greases and oils are not water soluble, which makes these substances difficult to remove. But degreasing solvents are designed to cut through the oil and grease, in addition to other substances such as wax, glue and other adhesives.

APT’s Solvent Cleaner and Parts Washer Cleaner is designed to clean not only surfaces, but also parts, so it’s simple to remove oil, grime, grease and wax from industrial parts, chains, engine bays, tooling and service components as a circuit board cleaner for removing flux.

Microtec 41-80 – Fast-Drying Safe cleaning solvent is virtually odour free and non-toxic, making it safe for settings such as aerospace and electronics, where strong odours and toxic cleaning agents cannot be tolerated. This particular product is designed to be 100% evaporating and it removes grease, oil, ink, glue, adhesive, wax and various other sticky residues leaving components ready for any additional applied coatings.

Alternatively, Mectar Citrus Solvent Degreaser, Tar Remover is highly concentrated and formulated to have controlled evaporation so the product remains in contact with the surface for a slightly longer period of time and can be rinsed off.

In addition, many of APT’s solvent cleaning solutions provide strong and effective degreasing action. We also have non-toxic chlorine-free products such as Kagez 703 Quick Drying Safe Solvent Degreaser and Cleaner. This particular product can even be used on (non-live) electrical parts.

Many cleaning, facilities management, maintenance companies and local authorities struggle with the much-dreaded removal of chewing gum, but Gum Gone Solvent Cleaner and Gum Remover is an eco-friendly citrus formula that makes it simple to remove chewing gum from virtually any surface.

Removing grease and oil from metals can be a difficult process but Citrus RTU Citrus Solvent Degreaser, Glue Remover and Adhesive Remover is non-corrosive, and it easily removes build-up from painted surfaces and metals.

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Cutting-Edge Formulation: Our cleaning solvents are specially formulated to cut through oil, grease, wax, glue, and other challenging adhesives. They deliver exceptional cleaning performance, making them the go-to choice for demanding cleaning tasks.

Versatile Application: Our solvent cleaners are designed for use in various industries, including aerospace, electronics, and transport. Their versatility allows them to effectively clean a wide range of surfaces and equipment.

Trusted by Industry Leaders: We have built a solid reputation in the industry by supplying cleaning solvents to renowned clients such as Renold, Nicholson McLaren, Network Rail, BMW, and many others. Our products have consistently delivered outstanding results in demanding industrial environments.

Solvent-Based Efficiency: As solvent-based solutions, our cleaners offer superior effectiveness in dissolving and removing stubborn contaminants. They provide powerful cleaning action that can penetrate and break down even the toughest residues.

Quality Assurance: APT is committed to delivering high-quality cleaning solvents that meet the stringent requirements of industrial applications. Our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure consistent performance and reliability.


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