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Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid

With over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry, APT have put together the UltraMax Powerful ultrasonic cleaner and degreaser range of ultrasonic bath cleaning and degreasing fluid products to ensure you have the best possible product for your specific ultrasonic cleaning tank or parts washer.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid


Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaner And Degreaser Range

We manufacture ultrasonic cleaning solutions using the highest quality and most effective ecological ingredients available to produce advanced degreasing formulations. All of our concentrated aqueous cleaners, solvent degreaser products and cleaning solvents have been formulated and tested to meet all current legislation.

Try our new citrus solvent degreaser for all industrial degreasing tasks to remove all grease types and stubbon bitumin, tar and glue residues fast.

At APT we continuously research and develop new formulations in order to be at the pinnacle of the market. We know only too well the problems caused from using ineffective, low cost, low-grade products which lead to long-term process and  maintenance issues.

For this reason we offer a unique full survey to ensure the correct product is used for your specific degreasing application. In the case of the aqueous ultrasonic detergent range we ensure the correct dilution rate is established to ensure your ultrasonic equipment works at maximum efficiency.

The UltraMax range can be used in all degreaser and ultrasonic cleaning tank and parts washer systems giving you thorough cleaning and degreasing of components. Our ultrasonic cleaning fluids are used widely in:

  • industrial engineering
  • transport
  • aerospace
  • weapons parts cleaning
  • medical services
  • medical equipment parts cleaning and sanitising
  • light engineering components degreasing

Included in our specialist range are three ultrasonic solvent cleaning and degreasing formulae and five concentrated, cost effective ultrasonic aqueous cleaner and degreaser solutions which are designed to suit all ultrasonic cleaning operations (sonic cleaners).

Best results: We are proud that our industrial solvent or aqueous degreasers deliver the results that you expect. We have invested many years of research to make certain that the degreasing fluid you buy works effectively.

Our tests ensure that you get fast results with an eco-friendly degreaser e.g. citrus solvent degreasers made from naturally derived citrus oils which easily and safely removes the following from a huge variety of hard surfaces:

  • dirt and grime
  • diesel oil
  • food oils
  • grease and greasy residues
  • bitumen
  • tar
  • glue and adhesives

Our fast to super-fast evaporating solvent cleaner range has been formulated to suit almost every cleaning and degreasing application including ultrasonic cleaning, sonic cleaner and parts washer cleaning tasks.

Many of the products in our concentrated aqueous degreaser range are safe for use in the engineering, food processing and medical industries. They are powerful yet versatile and will not only degrease but clean and sanitise most hard surfaces, killing a huge range of bacteria. Moreover, since they are so concentrated, you are not paying for us to ship mainly water!


Food Industry Ultrasonic Cleaning And Degreasing Fluids

Not only do we have a range of industrial degreasers but also degreasers suitable for use in the food industry. We know how important it is to use the right ultrasonic bath fluid on the right surface. The wrong product can damage surfaces costing thousands of pounds to replace.


Buy your ultrasonic cleaning fluid online now or talk to our team of specialists for advice on buying the best products for your applications.