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Chemical Paint Stripper

Paint Stripper

Do you need to remove paint from components so that they are ready to be refurbished? Are your buildings maintenance staff faced with the task of removing paint?

If so, then we have the perfect solution - our eco-paint stripper gel!


Tough on paint, gentle on surfaces

In re-manufacturing, after components have been cleaned, you will need to remove the paint or other finishes ready for re-finishing. The simplest way is to use a chemical paint stripper which avoids the need for shot peening or similar abrasive methods which can damage the surface or even enter the component, ruining it completely.

A chemical paint stripper can be applied exactly where it is needed. The solvent begins work immediately, penetrating and softening the paint, lacquer or other coating material. Once it has finished its work, it can simply be scraped, wiped or washed off, taking the paint with it.


Paint stripper gel

APT paint stripper is a thickened product. This means it will adhere to the paint and stay where you put it!

There is no need for a dip tank, it can be applied by brush which means that you do not need to invest in any special equipment that could be standing idle in between jobs. Nor do staff need any special training to use it.

For maintenance crews, a chemical paint stripper gel is a real boon particularly for vertical surfaces. It can simply be painted on and left to work. In the meantime, the crew can carry on with other jobs, later returning to scrape or wash off the paint stripper together with the paint, leaving surfaces ready for repair or repainting. It can even be used to remove unsightly graffiti.


Quality and environmentally friendly

APT products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the same top-quality results every time. Our chemical paint stripper is no exception and is formulated to be eco-friendly.

Buy your paint stripper online or contact our team of experts for further advice on how to remove paint or use chemical paint strippers - 01495 308048.