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Alcohol Wipes UK

APT alcohol wipes UK have been fully certified to EN1276, EN14776, EN1500 & EN1650. They are suitable for use on hands and surfaces. They provide a broad spectrum to Kill 99.99% bacteria with short treatment times. Our 70% alcohol wipes are biodegradable. These are also pH balanced to keep the skin soft. Order Online today for fast delivery.

Alcohol Wipes UK

Many people have asked, what are the best sanitising wipes for surface disinfection? We believe that due to the stringent testing that our 70% Alcohol Wipes have been through, they are without doubt one of the best on the market today. Unlike many others Sani Wipes have been fully tested to BS EN1276BS EN14776BS EN1500 & BS EN1650 to combat viruses and bacteria. Sani Wipes comply with WHO regulations for infection control.

  • Contains 70% alcohol solution
  • Biodegradable
  • Highly effective against micro-organisms found in medical/dental environments including E coli and MRS
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • The skin conditioners ensurethe softness of the hands
  • SLS & SLES free
  • Paraben free
  • Our scent is unique and cannot be copied
  • Lint free to ensure no fibres adhere to surfaces or equipment
  • Strong sealants to ensure moisture retention
  • Premium grade for strength - 20% Viscose (Natural Fibre) & 80% Polyester
  • Triple wall packaging to ensure moisture retention


What Are Alcohol Wipes Used For?

Wipes can used on hands and surfaces for killing bacteria and preventing cross contamination. Our 70% alcohol wipes can be used in hospitals, medical centres, offices, schools and transport.

Being one of the mostly highly accredited, they are certified to BS EN 1500 & BS EN 1650.

The EN 1500 is a European Standard test method that evaluates the efficacy of a hygienic handrub by measuring the number of viable bacteria remaining on the fingertips after contamination and handrub exposure. A handrub is defined as a treatment that involves rubbing the hands without the addition of water. GOV.UK [PDF]

The EN 1650 is a phase 2 step 1 suspension test for disinfectants intended for use in food, industrial and institutional areas. The test evaluates the efficacy of the product against fungi and yeasts. Yeast is a form of fungus but it is single-celled and it reproduces through mitosis.


Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes For Transport

Sani Wipes are perfect for those on the move in transport vehicles where there is no water available. They are designed to thoroughly clean surfaces and hands, whilst at the same time help to destroy infectious viruses.


What Wipes Can Be Used In Medical Centres?

APT Sani Wipes are suitable for any environment and highly recommended in medical/dental surgeries. It is vital to eliminate germs and Sani clinical wipes can are used for cleaning surfaces and equipment such as hospital beds, trolleys, wheelchairs, lifts etc. They are also used on the hands to leave skin moisturised and hygenically clean.


Essential For Use In Offices

We all know only too well that bacteria on surfaces and hands is one of the biggest causes of infections, and it is imperative now more than ever that we sanitise and keep surfaces germ-free.

Telephones, computer keyboards, door handles harbour dangerous bacteria and must be sanitised regularly. We recommend APT Sani surface sanitising wipes for complete peace of mind. They are easy to use and dispose of.


Food Areas Disinfectant Wipes

APT's 70% Alcohol Wipes are more hygienic and reduces the risk of infection caused by reusable cloths and towels. Once the spill has been wiped up, it can be disposed of preventing harbouring bacteria and avoiding cross contamination.


Can I Use Alcohol Wipes To Clean My Phone?

Absolutely. This is one of the best ways to sanitise and prevent cross-contamination. We can not emphasise enough the importance of regularly cleaning your phone. Phones are one of the largest causes of cross-contamination.


Where To Buy Alcohol Wipes UK?

You can buy Sani Wipes - alcohol surface wipes UK direct from APT, they are Shipped from our UK Warehouse with same day dispatch.


Sani Wipes Are Avaliable In...:

  • Tub: 200 wipes - Flip top lid is great for easy dispensing as well as keeping the wipes moist.
  • Packs: 20's, 70's & 120's
  • Large size: 16 x 18 cm