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Winter Products

Winter Products

You can never plan too early for winter maintenance. When winter weather does its worst, having essential winter products in your stores can make the difference between keeping your operation going and grinding to a halt. When safety and productivity are on the line, skimping on the best ice and snow removal is a false economy. Trust us.


More Than Just A Winter Maintenance Product Supplier

Smart customers like you get winter products in early so they’re fully prepared. And they trust our expertise for advice on the most suitable products and accessories for their needs. You see, we’re much more than just another winter products supplier - we’re your knowledgeable partner when it comes to fast, effective snow and ice removal.


We’ll Get You Through The Next Big Freeze

From snow shovels and ice melting crystals to professional screen wash and instant roof repair coatings, you’ll find everything you need to see you through the next big freeze. Everything we stock is designed for top performance and great value - and comes with our reassuringly friendly customer service. It may be cold outside but the welcome’s always warm here and the winter maintenance advice is top notch.


When the mercury’s falling, it’s you and your APT winter maintenance products and you make a great team.