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From factory floor to executive suite, washroom hygiene is vital for Health & Safety, productivity and morale. Making sure you have the right washroom supplies is vital. From paper towels to our specially formulated washroom solutions, everything you need is here.

Don’t skimp on washroom hygiene

If it’s tempting to skimp on washroom cleaning, please resist. When short-term savings cause later problems that initial saving is false economy. It’s unnecessary too. That’s because, when you trust our products and support you can count on choice, quality and value. Not only do we formulate our washroom cleaning products ourselves, but many do several jobs so you don’t have the costs of ordering and storing several products. And of course, our highly concentrated products are the key to long-term savings without sacrificing cleaning power.

 More than just a washroom products stockist

We’re not just another stockist – we’re your partner in the washroom hygiene. Years of experience formulating and selling supplies for washrooms means we offer more than just off-the-shelf service, All our products and washroom accessories are backed by our trademark customer service. As hundreds of existing customers know, that means something when people’s health and productivity is at stake.
You’re not alone in the war against dirt and germs – you and APT products make a winning team in washroom hygiene.