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Ultrasonic Cleaner

APT's Ultrasonic Cleaner has many medical applications. APT is in the business of ensuring that your application is catered for. Our wide range of degreasers and cleaners includes decarbonisers, antibacterial products and ultrasonic surgical instruments cleaning products that will perfectly complement your ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Ultrasonic Surgical Instruments Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning has many medical applications, for example:

  • surgical instrument cleaning
  • endoscope tube cleaning
  • orthopaedic implants cleaning
  • surgical blades & hypodermic needle cleaning

APT is in the business of ensuring that your application is catered for. We have formulated a wide range of degreasers and cleaners, including decarbonisers and antibacterial products that will perfectly complement your ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

You will have the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your medical or lab equipment is as clean as it possibly could be.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic cleaners work by subjecting medical instruments and lab equipment to high frequency, high-energy sound waves. This causes the unwanted soiling to be dislodged from components and drop to the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning tank, or be so well loosened that it will be removed during the rinse stage.


Specialised Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluids

The ultrasonic cleaning fluid you use should be effective enough to produce optimal cleaning and degreasing. During the cleaning stage it should be low-foaming and work well in temperatures over 50°C in order to remove or thoroughly loosen all the particulates which can then be easily rinsed away.

For effective cleaning of surgical instruments and equipment, APT produce an antibacterial ultrasonic cleaning fluid. Why? Because the ultrasonic vibration at the frequency used for cleaning does not kill microorganisms alone.

Our industrial strength ultrasonic cleaners are particularly formulated to to be effective with the cleaning of instruments that cannot be adequately cleaned manually such as spiral wound tools and instruments, biopsy forceps etc.


High Quality Concentrated Formulations For Medical Applications

The use of ineffective ultrasonic cleaners can leave behind hardened organic material such as blood, faeces and respiratory secretions that can result in the failure of disinfection. APT ultrasonic cleaning fluids are highly concentrated and designed to remove all types of contamination.

Effective rigorous chemical cleaning of flexible endoscopes is required to remove as much unwanted debris and material before disinfection or sterilisation. We recommend that cleaning should start immediately after use to prevent the drying out of secretions.


Order your surgical instrument and ultrasonic cleaning fluid online now or talk to our expert team for advice on which products are the best for your application.