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Toilet Cleaner

One of the major benefits of APT's toilet descaler is that it is safe on chrome and has a fresh clean fragrance. They are considered one of the best toilet cleaner products on the market today. 

Toilet Descaler

The APT range of toilet cleaning products are formulated for use on multiple areas and surfaces including chrome. They can be used for removing limescale from toilets, to clean taps, sinks, showers, floors, walls and even swimming pools; so you get one product for all areas making it easier all round.


Concentrated Toilet Descaler

Toilet cleaning should be quick and easy and with APT toilet descalers that’s exactly what you get; highly concentrated, thick clinging, naturally perfumed with bactericidal properties. Our range of toilet cleaner products includes thick toilet descaler and cleaner, bleach, urinal cake or urinal blocks plus a whole host of consumable products.

Using the right toilet descaler is paramount to health; cheap toilet cleaning products are ineffective and simply do not remove bacteria, leaving germs lingering which is often the cause of foul odours in washroom areas. By using our heavy duty toilet cleaner products, you can be assured that your toilets will be left hygienically clean, safe and smelling fresh daily.


The Perfect Limescale Remover

Not all toilet cleaners will remove limescale especially cheap off-the-shelf ranges. APT's will remove it quickly and easily leaving your urinals and toilets sparkling clean.


Why not enquire now and one of our experts can advise on how to clean a toilet effectively, quickly while at the same time ensuring that all bacteria is killed dead. We can also advise on how to remove limescale from toilet, we’ll give you a host of toilet cleaning tips too - call us