Our Commitment to Sustainability

APT is dedicated to protecting the environment. We try our best to reduce our environmental impact as well as our carbon footprint. At the same time, we ensure the safety of our employees and the surroundings. We help our customers grow by providing sustainable solutions, and making sure that our cleaning products are safe to use.

Greener Products

APT is proactive when it comes to finding natural ingredients for our cleaning supplies. Our research and development team strives to develop products that have minimal environmental impact. Our team ensures that the raw materials they use are the best and the safest for the environment and people. Most of our commercial cleaning products are fully biodegradable, highly concentrated, and friendlier to the environment. Their benefits to the ecology don’t compromise their cleaning abilities.

Raw Materials

It has been our long-time policy not to conduct any animal testing. We try our best to remove raw materials that can be harmful to the environment or don’t adhere to the legislative requirement. Our goal is to development environmentally sound commercial cleaning products without sacrificing performance. Our formulas call for the use of sustainable natural resources such as corn starch, palm oil, and natural alcohols. We follow a strict Quality Control policy and our policy conforms to ISO 9001.


The bottles of our commercial cleaning supplies are made of recyclable plastic. We also use 100 per cent recycled cardboard cartons. We encourage our customers to use reusable trigger bottles to save money and at the same time limit the plastic going to landfill.


Whenever we ship our industrial cleaning supplies, we try our best to ship fill consignments in order to maximise space and reduce our carbon footprint. We ship in concentrate form to decrease our environmental impact.

Partner Responsibility

We work with our distributor base to promote environmental awareness, safer working practices, and dilution control. APT tries to improve the efficiency of an organisation via supply chain processes, information security, and best practice communications to help decrease costs. 


The vital factor in sustainability is not just about the industrial cleaning products but also planning and protecting the future. We must find ways to develop products and processes to improve the sustainability of the company.


Development and launch of an e-commerce website allowed us to provide several downloadable documents and tools to help customers. We also provide training and education materials on various industrial cleaning chemicals


APT makes an effort to decrease our impact on social and natural environment. We monitor both our energy use and noise levels each year. We set energy reduction goals and research on how to improve our Environmental Management System.

Decrease in Energy Consumption

Our facilities use efficient lighting, automated heating systems, and motion sensors in order to decrease our energy consumption while making professional cleaning products.


Our workers are encouraged to utilize carpools and mass transit. Our delivery trucks are continuously upgraded to have the latest designs and engines to improve fuel mileage and decrease emissions. We provide a hybrid model as company cars for sales personnel.


Cardboard and plastic wrapping are baled and recycled. APT also recycles drums, pallets, fibreboard, cardboard, aluminium cans, computers and water bottles. Each office within the facilities has recycling bins.

Water Conservation

It is important for a company to control its water usage in making cleaning chemicals. We reduce our water consumption through an advanced wastewater treatment systems that allow us to reuse water and decrease the amount of wastewater discharge.

You can Request your our Environmental Policy.