History of APT

APT began as a small business that supplies commercial cleaning products to clients who want to keep their premises and equipment in pristinecondition. That was in 1990 when the base of our operations was three lock-up garages. Since then, we havebecome the top company in the industry. 

Our goal is to make life simpler for our customers by providing high value for their money. For 25 years, APT has provided industrial cleaning supplies to some of the big names in the UK. Our company has grown through the years due to our team and supply chains’ dedication to providing high quality products and services to our clients.

Andrew Jones founded APT when he was dismayed by the lack of care from suppliers. For instance, he saw suppliers selling cheap products without proper instructions on how and where to use them. As a result, he witnessed many a surface ruined and in particular one a stainless kitchen was destroyed due to the wrong application of cleaning products.He formed APT in order to provide professional cleaning productsthat are safe for the user, the surfaces they are applied to, the environment and get the job done right.

Through his vision, APT continued to grow even during difficult times and this was attributed to the right combination of quality cleaning products, traditional values, and competitive pricing. We try our best to satisfy our clients with our service and products.