Become a Distributor - Bulk Cleaning Supplies

Launch a successful and profitable business by becoming a distributor of APT bulk buy cleaning products. The range consists of diverse and essential bulk cleaning supplies of all our high-in-demand products required by diverse industries, including medical and manufacturing facilities.

APT Bulk Buy Cleaning Products UK: Distributors Wanted

APT is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of commercial cleaning products and industrial chemicals in the UK, and we have over a quarter-century of experience. Each top-quality product in the range is designed for use in diverse industries and commercial environments.  APT is committed to excellence and each product manufactured for the range of bulk cleaning supplies reflects our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and all meet the expectations of our customer base for excellence.

APT and its bulk buy cleaning products UK range offers you the wonderful opportunity to capture the market in your area. You will be distributing top-quality, high-in-demand products to a vast sector of niche markets. APT bulk cleaning supplies are trusted by a wide range of professional organizations, including medical clinics, hospitals, commercial and manufacturing facilities.

At APT, we are always on the lookout for new distributors who are looking for successful business opportunities. As the leader in the field of manufacturing and distributing bulk buy cleaning products, we provide our UK partners with comprehensive distributor support. Contact us via email at if you have any questions concerning this opportunity.

Bulk Cleaning Supply Sales: What to Expect as an APT Distributor?

When you become an APT distributor, you join our team and the advantages we offer. We are interested in finding distributors across the whole of the UK and offer you the opportunity to market our excellent cleaning products to all the business niches requiring cleaning bulk supplies in your area. Your website will meet internet searches for “trade cleaning supplies near me”, making it easier for bulk cleaning supply buyers to find you.

Keeping facilities, businesses, and manufacturing plants clean is a serious business and these require reliable bulk cleaning supplies. You will be responsible to supply them with everything from all-purpose cleaners, sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, and much more.

Facilities and businesses in your area know and have come to rely on the consistency of APT. Having a distributor near them means they are assured of receiving their effective supply of bulk cleaning products UK faster than ever before.

As a distributor of bulk buy cleaning products UK, the benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • Become the supplier of top-quality, high-performance cleaning products that are suitable for a wide range of industries in your region.
  • Our brand recognition is a significant benefit for any distributor.
  • We supply you with all the relevant marketing materials.
  • APT will provide you with important sales leads and customer referrals in your region.
  • As a distributor, you will not only receive comprehensive training on our cleaning products but also the necessary support services to help you expand your business venture.
  • APT distributors enjoy the full backing of a robust transport and logistics system.
  • Excellent commission structures

From the moment your customers search online for “trade cleaning supplies near me”, to the moment they receive their order, you are assured of the support of the team at APT. You and your customer are guaranteed excellent quality and efficacy of each product they receive.

Another incentive you receive as an APT bulk cleaning supplies distributor is the volume-based performance incentives. We want to reward each success that is a result of your hard work. When you succeed, so do we!


Contact us today if you want to learn more about becoming a distributor of bulk buy cleaning products UK. Find out more or join our growing APT network of distributors by contacting us via email at