About APT Commercial Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to cleaning products suppliers, APT is recognised as the industry leader. We supply and manufacture commercial and industrial cleaning products to some of the biggest companies in the UK and Europe.  We have more than 30 years’ experience providing cost effective solutions to industry and commercial enterprises. We have a wide range of cleaning product supplies that are specially formulated and approved to meet industry standards.


If you are a first-time customer of the company, we offer free no obligation consultation and site survey. There’s no problem that we can’t find solutions to. As your cleaning supplies UK provider, we offer a dynamic approach to your cleaning problems.


APT work with all types of companies, whether they are small businesses or large corporations. No other cleaning products suppliers have our experience and expertise. We are confident that we can fulfil your requirements for commercial cleaning supplies.


History of APT


APT began as a small business in 1990, supplying commercial cleaning products and industrial cleaning supplies from our base of three lock-up garages. Since then, we have become one of the top and most respected companies in the industry.


APT was founded when our Directors were dismayed by the lack of quality products and support from suppliers. For instance, we saw suppliers selling cheap products without proper instructions on how and where to use them. As a result, we witnessed many a surface ruined; an £50K stainless kitchen was destroyed due to the wrong application of cleaning products. APT was formed to provide professional cleaning products, with expert advice, competitive pricing and chemicals that are approved, safe for the user, surfaces, and the environment.


Philosophy of APT


We provide expert advice, consultation, and training to help clients. We focus on giving value for money and exceptional customer server to deliver the best solution for our customers, which is why we are the first choice of companies from various industries.


We establish business relationships with our clients who order commercial cleaning supplies from us on a regular basis. We look into their operations and provide the best solution for their problems.


APT doesn’t rest on its laurels. We continue to develop and improve our products and processes. We provide and manufacture and quality solutions and not just quick fixes.


Our Vision & Mission


APT aims to be the top cleaning product supplies provider where the best people in the industry want to work. We provide the right product for the right application. We take pride in giving our clients the right advice to make the right choices when it comes to commercial cleaning products and industrial cleaning chemicals.




As commercial cleaning suppliers, our industrial cleaning supplies are designed to provide an eco-friendly solution to your cleaning problems. Our products are made to minimise waste and pollution at each step. We make sure that our products have minimal effect on the environment. We provide many of our products in concentrate form in order to lessen your company’s carbon footprint.


All our industrial cleaning products and commercial cleaning products have been tested to meet the highest standards in compliance with current UK legislation. Our facilities make sure that our products are manufactured from the safest possible ingredients to make them environmentally friendly.


Product Survey


Our experts can handle any questions you might have about our products. They can conduct an on-site inspection to determine the right professional cleaning products for your organisation.


Our Team


Our team is composed of dedicated people with over 70 years of experience in the industry. We have a strict selection process to find out whether a potential member of the team shares the vision and values of the company.


We provide our employees the opportunity to grow with us by providing continuous development and opportunities to excel in their fields. Our goal can’t be achieved without the help of each individual members of the team. That’s why it is important to build and maintain a happy team.


We encourage individual learning and develop by promoting from within. We believe that for the company to grow; we must not only invest in the infrastructure and cleaning chemicals technology, but also in our employees.


Our goal is to make life easier for you and we look forward to helping with that. 


With all best wishes