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Surface Preparation Chemicals & Coatings

Surface preparation chemicals and coatings

Surface coatings -

Once you have a perfectly cleaned surface, your next problem is to keep it that way. For some surfaces, painting, waxing or oiling is the ideal solution, however, for others such as printed circuit boards, lacquering is a much better option .

But that's not the only reason for a protective surface coating, it can also prevent damage to sensitive surfaces, protecting them against friction, moisture, solvents and other damaging liquids that may be spilt. In your canteen or food factory , a continuous unbroken coated surface is much easier to keep bacteria-free.

If you are looking for a specialist preparation coating for your surface, then you are in the right place. APT supply a range of high quality, versatile and effective coatings that enhance and protect many surfaces commonly encountered in the engineering industry.

These carefully formulated coatings are designed to be safe and cost effective in order to reduce your overheads.

Specialised - Industrial cleaning chemicals

Many industrial and commercial processes require specialist chemical cleaning fluids and solutions to prepare the surfaces of metals ,wood, vinyl ,rubber and plastics surfaces priopr to subsequnt applied coatings or just to remove unwanted build up . How to choose the best chemical degreaser for removing surfaces contamination from painted metal or wood would be differant to using a fast dry solvent cleaner for a circuit board cleaner .apt are specialist in providing a full range of the best degreaser and cleaning fluids for all industrial and commercial cleaning tasks and processes 

Why not try our citrus solvent degreaser to remove all heavy grease from metal  or  our sprays parts washer cleanining fluid and panel wiping solvent cleaner  or the best ultrasonic cleaner solutions 


You will find APT coatings and commercial chemical cleaning agents in a wide variety of engineering and manufacturing industries:

• Heavy plant
• Light engineering
• Manufacturing
• Re-manufacturing
• Transport workshops and garages
• Electronics

So go ahead and buy your industrial preparation surface coating online now or, if you are still not sure about what would be best for you, contact our surface preparation experts on 01495 308048 or email us for free advice.