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A spillage can come in many shapes, forms and sizes. You will require a different type of preparation to face an oil spillage to a chemical spillage for instance. Being prepared with the right absorbent materials and products for the spillage at hand can make a huge difference to your efficiency and speed in dealing with the situation.
Over the years APT has developed a range of products that not only help clear spillages safely and efficiently, but also only use the highest quality substances. We understand that care and attention to detail is key when it comes to chemical substances. Our absorbent materials have been rigorously tested to ensure a quality return of investment, and all within UK regulation and compliance.
You’ll find everything you need right here, from absorbent socks and oil absorbent pads, right through to spill absorbent granules and matting.

Chemical Spill Kits

Using safe and highly efficient chemical absorbents our chemical spill kits are packed full of pads, socks and rolls. Our range of absorbent materials are ideal for hazardous chemical spillages or for instances when you’re not quite sure what the substance is. You won’t have to worry about the safety aspect of your cleaning task with a chemical spill kit from APT.

General Purpose Spill Kits

Spillages occur on a daily basis in a variety of workplaces. Our General Purpose maintenance spill kits are great for dealing with whatever your day has thrown at you. They include absorbent socks, absorbent booms, pads and rolls. You need to ensure you are ready for a spillage on a work site and have the daily workflow running like clockwork. Our general maintenance absorbent materials can be used for hazard prevention on a daily basis or to correct a small or large spillage.

Oil Spill Kits

For an oil spillage you are most likely going to require a heavy duty approach. The oil spill kits include oil absorbent pads, spill absorbent granules, oil absorbent matting and cushions. The comprehensive collection will help you soak up whichever type of oil you have in front of you, whether crude oil, a motor oil spill, fuel oil or vegetable fat. We have developed the range to absorb hydrocarbons whilst repelling water, ensuring they are perfect in every scenario you might find yourself in.

Our reputation is built on knowledge and quality. You’ll only find the highest quality of products, capable of helping you clear the spillage you are faced with in quick time and in the safest possible way. Whether it’s absorbent pads, absorbent socks, oil absorbent matting or spill absorbent chemicals you are looking for, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction and use our expertise to advise you on the ideal approach for you.