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General Repairs - Chemical Products online

A leaky pipe? A wiring harness accidentally dislodged by a fork lift truck? A seal that just won't stay in place? Seized nut and bolt?

All these are common problems in industrial and engineering works. Your problem is to make sure that your maintenance team has the right materials to hand for every repair situation.

At APT, we are in the business of making your life as a buyer easier - source your general repair materials from one place. Less admin, less hassle and great for the budget.

In this section you will find a glue that is designed to work when others fail; a self amalgamating tape that can be used to repair pipework including steam pipes; a powerful spray adhesive that works on a huge variety materials including vinyl and fabrics; an extraordinarily effective pipe freezer and more.

Before you carry out a repair, you need surfaces that are clean and uncontaminated. Included in this section are our recommended cleaners and degreasers that will make your repairs last.

Armed with a range of simple materials like this, plus their own resourcefulness, your maintenance team will be well equipped to tackle almost any small general repair.

APT, your partner for general repairs

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