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PTFE Spray

PTFE Spray Lubricant


What makes PTFE spray perfect for use in food processing environments?

There’s the non-staining friction reducing film, the high percentage of sub-micron PTFE in our dry lubricant and its suitability for wide temperature ranges for a start. And there’s much more when you choose your PTFE dry lubricant from our range.



Non-toxic and stable up to about 250oC, PTFE dry lubricants find uses in engineering, manufacturing and catering applications. It is ideal for use where a conventional wet lubricant cannot be used - it is touch dry in 60 seconds and does not gather dust and bacteria.

More than just a can of PTFE spray

Every time you entrust an order to us, you get more than just a can or two of PTFE lubricant spray. You also get decades of experience in cleaning and lubrication too. Our experience makes a difference when you’re struggling to decide between products - if anyone knows how and why you should choose certain products it’s us. Our helpful customer service team is always there for you.


Advice, value and performance

Our customers love how we always aim to offer best possible advice, superb value and excellent product performance. They find it reassuring and we hope you will too. And of course, such a comprehensive range of PTFE spray lubricants, food grade lubricant and related products makes it easier than ever to choose exactly what you need for a safe, reliable and profitable operation.

Whether you order PTFE lubricant spray or one of our other lubricating products, you and APT make the perfect team in the fight against machinery wear and tear.


If you require any assistance with ordering the PTFE or other lubricants, please feel free to contact our expert team on 01495 308 048. We will be happy to assist you further and we look forward to hearing from you.