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Odour Neutraliser

How to Eliminate Bad Smells

Don't just cover an odour, neutralise it! Most lingering smells are caused by bacteria and fungi - destroy these and your odour problem is solved.


High-performance Odour Removal

Everyone who has used APT high-performance commercial odour neutraliser products know they work well. They have been scientifically formulated to include a powerful blend of biocides which have been tested to be effective against both gram positive and gram negative strains, passing all tests at recommended concentrations and contact times.


Who Should Buy APT Odour Neutralisers?

Our commercial and industrial odour removers are widely used in the following private and public sectors:

  • local government
  • waste disposal companies
  • transport - airports, ports, ships, containers
  • commercial professional cleaning companies
  • food industry including kitchens, large scale food preparation plants and food sales outlets
  • healthcare - hospitals, nursing and care homes
  • entertainment and leisure - leisure centres, spas, hotels, nightclubs, public houses, conference centres
  • retail units and department stores
  • offices, factories and warehouses
  • veterinary - surgeries, waiting rooms, animal rescue centres

Odour neutralising products from APT are particularly effective on:

  • all aspects of refuse collection - rubbish bins, rubbish carts, waste disposal chutes
  • public toilets
  • sinks, drains and sewers
  • sewage treatment works
  • food waste
  • landfill sites
  • manufacturing
  • animal by-product processing


Advantages Of Buying APT Odour Neutralising Products

  • multi-use, they are powerful hard surface cleaners, drain unblockers and drain maintenance products
  • concentrated therefore economical in use and you spend less time and money re-ordering
  • fast acting so odours disappear sooner than later
  • effective on a hard and soft surfaces so you benefit from one product that can be used in a variety of situations simplifying ordering and stocking
  • deals with the cause of the odours so you benefit from longer lasting odour control so you don't need to re-use them as often as inferior quality products saving you money and time
  • lightly perfumed to freshen the air making your environment more pleasant without being overpowering
  • eco-friendly making your environmental legal compliance much easier


Make APT products your first choice - buy your odour neutralising and air freshening supplies online today or talk to our team of friendly and helpful experts for further advice!