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Medical Cleaning And Hygiene Products

As a buyer for a busy medical enterprise, we realise that you want to find and order products with minimum hassle. Sourcing a range of janitorial and hygiene products can take quite a while, however, in order to save you time, APT have collected together just about every cleaning product that you could need:

  • hard surface cleaners
  • floor cleaners
  • bedpan and sluice cleaning products
  • bleaches and disinfectants
  • antibacterial hand wipes and gels
  • barrier cream
  • ultrasonic cleaning fluids
  • dish washing products
  • laboratory cleaning chemicals


Floor Cleaning And Hard Surfaces

You will undoubtedly need to keep a wide variety of hard surfaces clean and germ free. With the APT range of cleaners you have the choice of conventional bleaching chemicals, degreasers, detergents, solvent cleaners, products containing bactericides and more. Each one is highly concentrated so that you don't need to re-order as often as you would with poorer quality products.


Medical Laboratory And Clean Room Products

When working in a medical lab or a clean room, there is no place for contamination. Glassware and other equipment has to be cleaned perfectly otherwise the results of tests will be invalidated.

APT produce free-rinsing products that are powerful enough to clean even the toughest grime and destroy a wide variety of microbes on your glassware, equipment and hard surfaces.

For the other equipment such as spatulas, tongs and the like, ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective method to employ. Add APT's ultrasonic cleaning fluid to your ultrasonic cleaning bath and you have a killer combination - say goodbye to germs and grime.


Hand Cleansing

Where water is available, you can choose from our liquid soaps and hand gels, including antibacterial products. In locations where water for hand washing is not available, APT offer you a variety of heavy and medium duty hand wipes.


High Quality Eco-friendly Cleaning

All of the products in the range are manufactured from the highest quality raw biodegradeable materials in order to ensure consistency of performance and respect for the environment.


Buy your medical cleaning supplies online today or talk to our team of experts to discuss the products best suited to your exact needs.