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Light Fine Oil lubricant

Fine oil lubricant - spray

Every maintenance engineer should have a can in their tool kit! It is the mess-free replacement for your conventional oil can.

For the times when a heavy lubricating oil or grease is not appropriate, APT light fine oils come to your rescue. They are supplied in a convenient to use spray can complete with plastic extension nozzle for accurate application. This ensures that the oil reaches the target faster and none is wasted.

Light fine oil lubricants are perfect for use on moving machinery:

• light machinery lubricating 
• small bearings, gears and cogs
• small all metal moving parts 
• releasing dtiff locks and pins
• oiling hinges and chains 
• sliding and other door mechanisms
• table top machines

Corrosion protection of small parts

But light fine oils are not just good lubricants, they protect too. When applied to dry ferrous small parts, they spread over the whole surface to form a barrier against moisture penetration keepingmetal parts corrosion free as good as the day they went into the store.

Unlike higher viscosity lubricating oils, light oils do not have the same capacity for gathering contamination. The moisture resitant film they form on the surface of components is only a few molecules thick so less dust and other particles will stick.

When you are ready to use the stored parts, light fine oils can be removed quickly and easily using one of our water based or solvent based degreasers.

Light degreasing

Yet another use is to clean lightly soiled components. A small quantity of light fine lubricating oil on the surface of a rag can be used to clean parts that have become encrusted in dust and grime prior to use.

Wide Range of lubricants

The range of light fine lubrication oils includes our penetrating and dewatering oil too - a quick squirt of oil from the can and you can watch the water roll off, leaving you with a thin film of light fine oil as a barrier against atmospheric moisture.

If you require any assistance with ordering the best lubricant or degreaser you require, please feel free to contact our expert team on 01495 308 048. We will be happy to assist you further and we look forward to hearing from you.