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Industrial Lubricants

Industrial lubricants - spray greases

You need to rely on your manufacturing equipment to function faultlessly 365 days of the year. When things go wrong, production time is lost, staff are not employed productively and it therfore costs money.

Breakdowns occur for many reasons, some unavoidable. Having a machine off-line thanks to lubricant failure should not be one of them. Prevention is better than cure!

APT lubricants and greases will give you peace of mind. We sell a range of high quality industrial lubricants formulated to ensure that optimum levels of performance are maintained.

A wide range of industrial lubricants

APT manufacture a wide range of speciality chemical degreasers, lubricating oils and greases. It doesn't matter whether you require a heavy duty spray-on grease for wires ropes, gears and chains; a specialist high temperature lubricant, a food safe lubricating oil or white lubricant grease which protects and waterproofs vital components within your machines, you can buy high performance grease oil online here. Once your order is confirmed, it will soon be delivered to you.

Our range of speciality high performance lubricants, oils and greases are available in a variety of formats - bulk pack, cartridges and aerosols.

All products that we sell are manufactured to meet top international standards for all industrial manufacturing and service remanufacturing sectors. You can rest assured that all of the products available from APT have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are robust and fit for purpose.

To complement your lubricant purchase, we invite you to look at our range of safe solvent cleaners and degreaser, detergent cleaning and best degreasing fluids. These can be used to safely clean off old lubricating grease and oil residues in readiness for replenishing with your new lubricant spray or bulk cartridge grease lubricant.

Try our new citrus solvent degreaser to quickly remove grease and stubbon oil residues  

If you have any questions about the lubrication and hoe to choose the right grease we can help you to maximise your efficency  just email or call us now for the best industrial lubricant or for grease lubricants online please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 072 3773. Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you further and we look forward to hearing from you.