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Hand Care

Buying the right liquid soap and other hand care products can be difficult at times since different areas of your business, health trust or local authority provide different hand cleaning challenges. We are sure that you will appreciate the APT hand care range since it is designed to deliver premium performance products at affordable prices.

All APT liquid soaps, hand wipes and barrier creams are highly concentrated and most are multi-purpose so you can benefit from economy of use, less to store and a less frequent need to re-order.

Included in the range are grease-busting liquid soaps, dispenser soaps that contain powerful and effective biocides for germ-sensitive locations, sanitising hand wipes for use where running water is not available and our unique citra-bead hand cleaner, a solvent free hand cleaner that beats the toughest industrial grime.

Your staff will really appreciate the emollients that we add, keeping their skin crack-free and supple, no matter how often hands are washed. Our liquid soaps are all usable via any liquid soap dispenser so you don't need to change your existing system to benefit from the best hand care products on the market.

They are already widely used in the following industries:

  • local authorities
  • care homes
  • health centres
  • engineering and manufacturing
  • automotive and transport
  • retail
  • offices

So order your industrial hand care products online now or talk to our hand care experts on 01495 308048 for free help and advice concerning your specific requirements.