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Industrial Drain Unblocker

Let us help you choose the right industrial drain unblocker for your application using our vast experience. You can choose from our range of effective and fast acting industrial drain cleaner to include solvent free caustic based, enzyme, granules and acid drain cleaners.

Industrial Drain Unblocker


At APT we believe that maintenance is paramount when dealing with drainage and pipes. Therefore, it is important to regularly use the right drain cleaner products. Our range will degrease and clean your drains and line the pipework with inhibitors that help to stop grease and other materials from sticking to the pipes in the first place. Less material sticking to the inside of drainage pipes equals less chance of a blockage.

APT’s solvent free caustic based drain unblockers and our enzymatic drain unblocking chemicals converts fats and oils into soap which break down virtually any blockage into smaller chemicals that can be simply washed away. They are used to remove lime cement based debris, fat build up, grease, hair, food waste, etc. Our chemicals will not attack your pipework.


What Is The Strongest Drain Unblocker?

There are several chemicals to choose from when you need to unblock your drains or pipework. They include:

  • Industrial - Acid Drain Unblocker
  • Liquid Drain Cleaner
  • Enzyme Biological Fat and Food Digesters
  • Drain Cleaner Granules


>The strongest drain unblocker is Clearvex Acid Drain Cleaner. APT advise that you only purchase your IDC from a recommended and experienced company and you seek advice first. APT’s range are highly effective, cost-effective and eco-friendly.


Concentrated Industrial Drain Cleaner

Many of our industrial drain cleaner products are concentrated for long-term economy. And many are designed to do more than one job - so you don’t need to order so many different products. We’ve built a reputation on intelligent supply of safe drain cleaning products to fight against grease, fats and blockages in food-preparation and processing.

Because our products are concentrated, this would not only save you money but will also help with environmental blueprint.


How Do Professionals Unblock Drains?

It is usual that commercial drain cleaning companies use acidic drain cleaners which contain sulfuric acid at a high concentration. Apart from hair and grease, a sulfuric acid drain cleaning product can be also used to dissolve tissue paper inside waste pipes.


30 Years Supplying Drain Cleaning Products

Skimping on drain cleaner can cause all kinds of problems in the long run. Why take the risk when decades of cleaning experience is at your disposal through our helpful customer care team. We’re much more than just another online stockist - we’re your knowledgeable partner when you need products and advice to help you clear drains (and keep them clear) in demanding industrial and commercial environments.