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Industrial Degreaser

Industrial Degreaser

Effective degreasing is an essential step in many production situations. Not only does poor degreasing lead to sub-standard products, it also costs the company time and money as work needs to be re-done.

Wouldn't it be more efficient if you could guarantee perfect degreasing every time?

An industrial degreaser should remove all traces of water-insoluble substances such as oil and grease, lubricants from machining processes, other organic films and abrasive dust, thus ensuring that the next stage of production can proceed fault free.


APT Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Our aim here at APT is to not just manufacture high quality industrial degreasers that provide you with the best results, but also to provide you with products which are affordable, safe to use and environmentally friendly.

So not only will APT products save time and money, they can help you to maintain the safety of your workforce and to comply with Government environmental directives.

APT industrial degreasers are used in a wide variety of engineering situations, for example:

• parts washer cleaning
• surface cleaning prior to painting, galvanising or other coating processes
• machine cleaning to remove dirt build up caused by grease
• floor cleaning


APT stocks a wide range of degreasing fluids including solvent degreaser, citrus solvent degreaser, water based aqueous degreaser, natural citrus degreaser, along with special fast dry solvent cleaners let us help you choose the best degreaser for you cleaning process.

Keep your company ahead of the competition, contact us now to discuss how we can meet your needs if you require degreasing agents for metal processing and cleaning manufactured parts.