Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Cleaning Supplies 

Finding the right products for your building repairs can be a complete minefield, at APT we like to make your life easy when you’re doing your building maintenance; so if you can’t find what you’re looking for just simply call us or send an e-mail and one of our experienced staff will answer you right away to ensure you get the right maintenance products for your needs.

Industrial cleaning supplies  

We have a full range of commercial repairs and maintenance products for workplace and building maintenance, products such as concrete repair, roof repair, paint remover, amalgamating tape, pipe freezer spray and many more - just take a look at our wide range of repairs and maintenance products.

APT industrial chemicals Ltd  

Make sure you buy best quality maintenance chemical products you can afford 


Buying inferior repair products when carrying out building repairs can cause major headaches and cost you time and money, which is usually something you don’t have when dealing in building maintenance.  All our repair products and our maintenance products have been tried and tested over 25 years and have serviced many blue chip companies throughout the country.

Industrial Cleaning Products 

We can, if necessary, carry out the work for you; our sister company offers a huge range of services in building repairs and maintenance, take a look at for further information.