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Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Industrial Cleaning Products

Cleaning and building maintenance require the use of the correct industrial machinery and cleaning products. At APT we have 30 years of experience and are the trusted suppliers of a wide range of approved industrial cleaning products across the UK and Europe. We offer expert advice, and our product knowledge is second to none.

Inferior products only get the job covered temporarily, but APT offers a range of superior products. Our advice to you: always buy the best industrial cleaning products you can afford; this saves you time and money in the long-term.

We supply industrial cleaning products and heavy-degreasers to various industries and engineering plants. These include factories, aerospace companies, and food manufacturing plants. Our products are also used for maintenance by the public sector, especially in the health care and transportation sectors.


Using the Right Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Building repairs and maintenance require the use of the correct products. These must be affordable and highly effective. General repairs, paint removal, drain cleaning, and outdoor surface cleaning often have many challenges.

APT has a wide range of industrial cleaning supplies to help make a variety of tasks easier. Whether the challenge is concrete repairs, roof repairs, or stubborn paint, we have a wide range of products to help complete the job properly. If you need self-amalgamating tape, spray adhesive, paint remover, or pipe freezing spray, we have your general maintenance and repairs covered.


APT Industrial Cleaning Products

Industrial cleaning products need to be powerful and safe. We have a range of effective products to help you get any job done properly and quickly, whether you need to:

  • Unblock a drain with a choice of acid, liquid, chemical, or enzyme drain cleaners.
  • Remove graffiti effectively with Graffiti Remover Spray or Graffiti Wipes.
  • Clean surfaces made of bricks, stone, or other materials of dirt, moss, or algae.
  • Neutralize odours with Dekon 50.
  • Stop pipes from freezing.
  • Detect gas leaks with a detector spray.
  • Penetrating and fine lubricant oils.


APT Heavy Duty Degreasers

Heavy duty degreasers are vital in many industries, and at APT we have a range that ensures all water-insoluble substances are effectively removed. APT’s heavy duty degreasers are not only suitable for industrial settings. Citracleanse is a citrus cleaner and degreaser that is highly active, super concentrated, and safe to use on machinery and hard surfaces. Depending on your degreasing needs, at APT we have a range of degreasers suitable for machine cleaning, floor cleaning, and general surface preparation.

Whatever type of heavy duty degreaser you need, the range at APT is environmentally friendly, safe, and affordable.


Get free advice for all industrial cleaning supplies

Contact our knowledgeable team at APT for any advice. We are on hand to give you expert advice on any of your common industrial and engineering problems.

Our team has been the first point of contact for professionals in blue-chip companies in the field of engineering, construction, and maintenance because of our 30-year experience and expertise.

We know our products better than anyone and can advise you on how to apply them. We recommend the correct product to help you solve every repair and maintenance issue, every time.