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Surface Preparation - Chemical Cleaners

Chemical Cleaners - all industrial cleaning products - for surface preparation

Do you need a safe aluminium parts cleaner, is it a problem area for you? Do you produce clean circuit boards or electronic parts or sensitive equipment and require a safe solvent residue-free contact cleaner? Is your plant and machinery as clean as it should be under you 5s programme and kaisen standards  ?

Relax, you have come to the right place!

Cost-effective and targeted commercial cleaning chemicals and degreasing products 

Not only will you find the perfect product for the job, it will be cost-effective too. APT hard surface cleaners and speacialist range of solvent cleaners and aqueous degreaser fluids are part of our wide range of industrial cleaning solutions . we provide only concentrated water base degreasers and cleaning detergents to help you clean and remove toughest unwated residues from you manufactured parts to your machinery cleaning . we provide top quality solvent degreaser fluids for panel wiping ,cleaning ,new citurs solvent degreasers and spray washer parts detergents ,after all you don't want to be paying for us to ship water to you!

High dilution rates mean that products will last longer, reducing your admin and expenditure as they need to be re-ordered less frequently. They will take up less room on the shelves too.

Saving you time when using the best degreaser for the job 

They are highly effective and fast-acting so that staff involved in cleaning will be able to cover more ground in the time available with less disruption to the normal running of your business.


APT hard surface cleaners and degreasers can be found in a wide variety of engineering industries:

• Heavy plant degreaser and macinery cleaning 
• Light engineering- solvent cleaning solutions 
• Manufacturing cleaning and degreasing fluids to maintain your factory equipment 
• Re-manufacturing- state of the art ultrasonic cleaning solution
• Transport workshops and garages engine cleaner and parts washer cleaner fluid
• Electronics manufacturing-circuit board cleaner and fast drying solvent cleaners 

As you will be able to see via our online store, we have a varied range of surface preparation products available. Some of our most popular include the following:

• Sodakleen - Highly Concentrated Industrial Degreaser
• Citracleanse - Industrial Citrus Degreaser 
• Phos-Clean - Descaler for Catering Equipment & Limescale Remover

High Quality Degreaser

Here at APT Commercial Cleaning Supplies, our specialist have taken the time to formulate only the highest quality of surface preparation cleaning solutions available within the UK so you can rest assured that if you are buying surface preparation degreasers or limescale removal solutions, then you are getting the very best.

Great results every time

All cleaning products uk wide service that we sell via our online store have been thoroughly tried and tested to ensure that they are both safe to use and will deliver you consistently top quality results.we are so convinced by these products our own specialist teams of industrial cleaning opperatives use our products to clean for our wide range of clients throughout the uk .why not check us out at - 

So go ahead and buy your industrial surface preparation cleaners and degreasers online now or, if you are still not sure about what would be best for you, contact our surface preparation experts on 01495 308048 or email us for free advice.