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Industrial Hand Cleaner

Industrial Hand Cleaners

When it comes to hand cleaning, we appreciate that your job as a buyer in the engineering or manufacturing industry is not easy - trying to find the best solvent free hand cleansers that can cut through grease, oil and other grime quickly and efficiently whilst keeping an eye on the budget.

All APT liquid soaps, hand wipes and barrier creams are solvent free, concentrated and multi-purpose so you can benefit from economy of use, have less to store and need to re-order less frequently.

Hand cleansing products

We supply a wide range of oil and grease-busting liquid soaps which deal with a huge array of hand washing needs throughout your factory or workshops including the canteen and offices.

For example, our HDL industrial solvent free liquid hand cleanser will easily remove:

  • oils
  • greases
  • inks and dyes
  • metal dust deposits
  • ingrained soils

Our extremely popular Citra Bead is an industrial strength hand cleaner with added polymer beads that removes even the toughest materials from your hands as well as getting rid of odours like fish, garlic and onion! Perfect for use in the canteen.

Your staff will really appreciate the emollients that we add, keeping their skin and crack-free, no matter how often hands are washed. Our liquid soaps are all usable via any liquid soap dispenser so you don't need to change your existing system to benefit from the best hand care products on the market.

So order your industrial hand cleaning products online now or talk to our hand care experts on 01495 308048 for free help and advice concerning your specific requirements.