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Hand Wipes

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Hand Cleaning Wipes

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Medical Cleaning Wipes

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Sanitising Wipes - 120 pcs

Hand wipes come in many forms. There are Sani-wipe antibacterial wipes, Super red surface cleaning wipers and more… You’re in the right place to browse and choose from our range of hand cleaning wipes and associated cleaning materials…
Hand wipes – we've got every surface covered
After decades in cleaning, we think we've got every surface covered. Small containers of bactericidal sanitising wipes are easy to carry around, while large buckets of wipes are perfect for any high-usage situations. As well as being convenient, our sanitizing wipes are effective – with waterless sanitising surface cleaners and skin conditioners to look after the hands that wipe…
Cost-effective multi-functional products
Don’t be surprised to find that even our lowly sanitizer wipes are multi-functional. We always aim to design more than one use into our products. That way you save money by not having to order and store several products. It’s the same with tubs of our handy grit wipes too – powerful deep cleaning and kind to hands as well.
Add our reassuringly helpful customer service for a perfect one-stop source of advice and antibacterial hand wipes. We’re not just another stockist – we’re your experienced partner when you need hand wipes to hygienically and cost-effectively clean hands, bodies and surfaces.