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Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene matters. From workshop to executive suite, the right kind of hand cleaner is vital for healthy workplaces. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of hand hygiene products and accessories. From germ-free odourless hand cleaner to beaded soap gel dispensers, it’s all here.


Cutting Corners On Hand Hygiene Rarely Pays

Cutting corners to save money on hand hygiene products may seem appealing in the short term. Unfortunately, it can backfire in the long-run, which is why we recommend buying the best hand sanitiser that you can.


Naturally, we do everything we can to maximise product performance and value. For example, our multi-function hand cleaners do more than one thing. This means you can save money by buying and storing one product instead of several single-function items for hand washing hygiene. We also offer concentrated, dilutable products so you don’t pay to ship water - you’ll be amazed how cost-effective they can be over time.


Your Partner Against Dirt And Germs

It’s all part of the service we’ve developed over decades in the business. Add in our knowledgeable customer support team and you've got more than just another hand sanitizer stockist. When we work together you have a true partner. You and APT products are the top team for hand hygiene in tough industrial environments.