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Hand Sanitising Station & Dispensers

APT’s Hand Sanitising Stations & Dispensers are an affordable and practical way to ensure that the risk of spreading germs is reduced to almost impossible. Free standing hand sanitising stations encourage employees and visitors to use them. They are a reminder of the need to regularly sanitise their hands, for their own safety and the safety of others.

Hand Sanitising Station And Dispensers

Hand sanitising has become an integral part of every facility and business. The best way to ensure that every person who enters your premises sanitises their hands is to have an upright hand sanitising station at each entrance. Additionally, Hand sanitising dispensers are essential in bathrooms, kitchens, and medical examination areas, and emergency rooms.


APT Touchless Hand Sanitising Stand

Manufactured in the UK, we offer two sleek, touchless hand sanitising station stands to choose from. They both are designed to meet your facility’s sanitising needs. The one has a 700ml capacity and the other 900ml, both are ideal for highly frequented areas.

Placed strategically, the sanitising stations encourage both employees and visitors to sanitise their hands regularly and maintain crucial safety standards.


Freestanding Sanitising Station Features:

  • High quality, sleek stainless-steel posts, and base plates
  • 700 ml or 900ml Touchless, automatic battery-operated hand dispenser
  • Durable and easy to refill
  • Offers high levels of hygiene in every environment
  • Easy to move around

Both stands have a powder-coated finish and come with 5 litres of Steri San Hand Sanitiser Liquid.


Areas The Sanitising Station UK Is Ideal For:

  • Reception rooms and cashier areas
  • Corridors and walkways
  • Near all outer and inner access points and entrances
  • Kitchen areas
  • Toilets


Sanitising Station

APT supplies the NHS and other frontline services, and its hand sanitising station UK is a must-have hand sanitising unit for care industry providers, hospitals, medical, and dental surgeries. Other well-frequented areas like offices, entertainment industries, hotels, stores, malls, and call centres should disperse free standing hand sanitising stations in high traffic areas, and other convenient locations.


Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

At APT we have three different models of wall-mounted refillable hand sanitiser dispensers. These work well with both the Steri Gel and Steri San hand sanitising solutions. Each wall-mounted dispenser is compact, and ideal for use in small spaces or areas where a free-standing hand sanitising station is not practical.


Manual Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

The white, manual dispenser has a capacity of 1 litre, ensuring it does not need frequent refills. This is the ideal hand sanitiser dispenser for the health and care sectors, food handling and preparation areas, offices, hotels, and leisure industries.


The features of the Manual Hand Dispenser Include:

  • Reliable
  • Made with Eco-friendly materials
  • User-friendly wall-mounted design
  • Easy to install and has an easy, refillable cartridge
  • 1000ml capacity providing approximately 1000 squirts
  • Vacuum suction technology prevents excess dripping to help keep surroundings clean
  • Lockable cover prevents vandalism, theft, and tampering
  • Fittings and easy-to-install instructions included


Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

A touchless hand dispenser with a 700ml capacity. Ideal for hand sanitising in several areas within the health and care sectors, but also ideal for other businesses and facilities where a high degree of personal cleanliness is required.


The Features Of The Automatic Hand Dispenser Include:

  • Reliable and superior quality made with Eco-friendly material
  • User-Friendly wall-mounted design
  • Easy to install and refill
  • Comes with a refillable cartridge with a practical refill section
  • 700ml capacity providing approximately 700 squirts
  • Vacuum suction technology is included to prevent dripping for complete cleanliness of the surrounding area
  • The safe lockable cover helps prevent tampering with contents, vandalism, and theft
  • Low power consumption, making it environmentally friendly
  • Replacement warning indicator ensuring uninterrupted service
  • Infrared Sensor Auto Dispenser with CE and RoHS
  • Fittings included
  • Easy to understand user instructions


Soap And Liquid Hand Sanitising Dispenser

  • Multi-purpose with a unique mix and match mechanism
  • Refillable container that comes with a fully disposable pump and pouch system for places with high hygiene levels
  • Front window for easy visibility of content levels
  • Liquid gel dispenser that holds 400ml of liquid
  • It works with all APT hand care products and soaps, including Steri Gel and Steri San.
  • Has a unique mechanism that allows any type of chemicals to be dispensed from its refillable container.
  • Weighs 600 grams.

Compact in size, this sanitising dispenser is perfect for small spaces, catering, offices, commercial buildings, and schools.

Dispenser locks to our products, meaning customers can only use our brand of liquid and gels.


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Hand Sanitising Dispensers
700 ml Capacity

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