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Hand Sanitiser Liquid

With 30 years in Infection Control, APT hand sanitiser liquid will kill 99.99% of bacteria. A medical grade 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser with skin conditioners, food safe used by 1000s of organisations across the UK. The formula is a superior grade and made of isopropyl and not ethanol.

Hand Sanitiser Liquid

  • Conforms to BS EN1276 and EN1500
  • Medical Grade 70% Alcohol
  • Specifically designed to help eradicate infectious enveloped diseases
  • A 70% alcohol hand sanitiser liquid, as recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • Kills 99.999% of all bacteria
  • The formula is a superior grade and made of Isopropyl and not ethanol
  • It is quick drying and has natural balanced skin conditioners to protect sensitive skin
  • It is odourless, food safe and perfect for use in hospitals, care homes, schools, transport and food processing industries


Supplier to the NHS and Frontline Services


Steri San Is A 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

APT's unique formula of 70% alcohol hand sanitiser contains the highest bactericidal sanitising properties to kill 99.999% of all germs.

Its scientific blend of bactericides and skin conditioners in an alcohol base. It is a water free, non-rinse formula that contains mild skin-conditioners to allow frequent use without drying or damaging skin.

Steri San liquid hand sanitiser combats the risk of cross contamination while leaving a residual biocide for maximum cleanliness.


What Are The Benefits of 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser?

  • Surgical grade rinse free hand sanitiser
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Steri San kills all gram+ and gram- bacteria
  • Odourless formula safe to use in food production areas
  • The formula is a superior grade and made of Isopropyl and not ethanol
  • Highly active residual bactericide for continued protection
  • Fast drying with immediate hand sanitisation
  • Skin conditioners protect sensitive skin


Uses Of Liquid Hand Sanitiser

  • The amount dispensed is controlled, reducing in-use costs
  • It quickly spreads across and into all areas of the hands evenly
  • Used to sanitise hard surfaces, trolleys, carts, handles, petrol pumps etc
  • Refillable containers helps reduce environmental impact


Safety, Storage And Handling

Steri San can be used through dispensing equipment without the need of water or rinsing.


Bulk Ordering

Call 01495 308048 for bulk prices


Further Information

Below is a link to download the latest WHO report