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Hand Cleaners

APT have over 30 years’ experience in supplying a range of trusted hand cleaners. Our hand care products including antibacterial soaps, hand sanitiser and hand gels that helps reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Also effective against gram+ and gram- bacteria, yeasts, moulds and enveloped viruses.

Hand Cleaners

We appreciate that your job as a buyer is tough with so many pressures to juggle the budget without compromising on quality. APT are in the business of reducing stress for people like you. We formulate products to be multi-purpose so that you do not need to spend as much time sourcing different materials.

Maintaining hand hygiene in medical applications is absolutely essential with the arrival of the so-called 'superbugs'.

We make and supply industrial antibacterial hand gel products as well as a huge range of other hand cleaner products for maintenance staff to keep hands clean, germ-free and well looked after!


Hand cleansing products

We supply a wide range of industrial hand cleaning products which deal with a huge array of cleaning needs, without damaging your skin. In the range are waterless hand wipes suitable for disinfecting hands before and after visiting and heavy duty industrial strength hand cleansers that will be appreciated fully by maintenance staff.

For example, our HDL industrial solvent free liquid hand cleanser will easily remove:

  • oils
  • greases
  • inks and dyes
  • metal dust deposits
  • ingrained soils

As with our other products, it is also surprisingly gentle as it contains essential emollients such as coconut oils and glycerine which will keep hands smooth and soft.

Meanwhile, our extremely popular Citra Bead is actually an exfoliating industrial strength hand cleaner. It removes even the toughest materials from your hands as well as getting rid of odours like fish, garlic and onion! Perfect for use in the kitchens.


Antibacterial hand gels

Many of our hand cleaners are also antibacterial. Our GERM FREE odourless bactericidal hand cleaner kills bacteria and destroys many viruses like no other!


Quality hand cleansing products

Here at APT we expertly formulate our own solutions so you can be sure you are getting the best quality hand cleaner possible. Our products are so effective that you use less than inferior products, reducing your reorder and stocking costs!


Browse our range of hand cleaner and antibacterial hand gel products today. Order now or talk to our knowledgeable team on 01495 308048 for free advice!