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Grease Lubricants

Grease lubricants in a can!

Every maintenance engineer should have a can in their tool kit! It is the mess-free replacement for your conventional grease lubricants.

There are times when using oil just won't work. At those times, you will undoubtedly reach for the grease gun. When that is empty, dismantle it, refil it, get it all over your hands, the grease gun ... degrease the outside of the grease gun, wash your hands and back to the job.

Sounds familiar? Wouldn't it be easier if there was a grease gun that didn't need filling and cleaning before putting it in your maintenance tool kit?

Actually, there is. In fact there are several. Meet the APT range of spray-on greases. They come in handy aerosol cans with a plastic applicator for accuracy and no wastage making it economical and a real time-saver.

The grease is dispensed in liquid form so that it can penetrate inaccessible areas that could not be reached with a conventional application. A few seconds later, the grease thickens up to its working consistency.

But if you want conventional, we do that too!


Our range grease ,oils and spray-on lubricating greases are used widely in the engineering industry:

• hinges and other moving parts
• bearings
• shafts
• linkages
• pivots
• couplings
• bolt threads

Specialist grease lubricants

The range contains 3 synthetic greases with metal additives to enhance thier normal properties. Lithium grease is perfect for transport use, lubricating and protecting lorry trailer and tailgate hinges and tail lift runners.

Or you can select our high temperature aluminium grease and copper grease lubricant and white grease spray which is particularly resistant to seawater and is therefore the ideal grease to use and recommend if you are in the marine engineering industry.

Coppertop is one of our other specialised greases and is an excellent ant-seize compound as well as being suited to very high temperature use.

Best Degreasing fluids 

Prior to using these high quality lubricating products, we recommend that all traces of your old oils and grease are removed as far as possible. To achieve that, we invite you to take a look at our industrial degreasers online section, where you will find solvent cleaners and degreaser along with the best aqueous degreaser range or ultrasonic cleaner fluids .

If you require any assistance with ordering the grease lubricant online that best suits your needs, please feel free to contact our expert team here at APT on 01495 308 048. We will be happy to assist you further and we look forward to hearing from you.