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Professional Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning products

Whatever the challenge of your commercial kitchen and food processing flooring cleaning we’ve got the floor cleaner and degreasers for you . we manufacture several floor cleaning products each speacially designed for differant surfaces . when it comes to finding the best floor clear solution for your type of floor or food surface cleaner . For cleaning altro or ultra type safety flooring ,tiles or vinyl you have come to the right place . we supply only concentrated floor cleaning products which helps you to reduce your cost ,stock and manage your cleaning budget . we supply food safe floor cleaner to many blue chip public sector companies and industrial food processing plants throughout the uk all who have to maintain the high standards of hygiene to meet stringent safety standards 

Don’t take chances with floor cleaner choose a floor cleaner that will also clean and sanitise and degrease all your kitchen surfaces to reduce opperative error and reduce and rationalise the amount of products in your stock cupboard 

Cutting corners on commercial floor cleaners and degreasers may seem like a good idea. But decades of experience shows us that cheap and cheerful is often false economy. Will you get your floor cleaner right first time or slip up with inferior products? That’s why discerning buyers of floor cleaner trust their partnership with APT. We’re more than just another industrial floor cleaner supplier, we’re your essential partner in the battle against slips, slides, odours and dirt.

Performance and value – for industrial floor cleaner and more…

From scented hard floor cleaners to odour neutraliser, our products often come concentrated to last longer and give you better long-term value. Our commercial heavy-duty floor cleaners and degreasers are backed by decades of experience keeping floors like yours safe and smart. Each comes with our trademark customer service. You and APT – we’re perfect together in the battle against dirty floors in all kinds of heavy-duty environments.