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Fast Drying Solvent

Fast Drying Solvent - Degreasers

One of the bottlenecks for inspections of parts and components is the degreasing stage - not the degreasing itself but what seems like an interminable wait for the degreaser to fully dry. The production manager is on your back, you are getting stressed and there is a temptation to rush the inspection.

This is where the APT range of fast evaporating solvent cleaners come into the story. They evaporate from the degreased item extremely quickly, certainly before most production line managers will be shouting for the results! You can carry out the testing sooner after degreasing so you and those along the line are not stressed out waiting for a conventional solvent degreaser to dry.

No residue multi-purpose formulations

Our fast drying degreasers and solvent cleaner evaporate completely leaving no residue which means that they are perfect for grease-sensitive applications such as priming and coating. No residue means better adhesion.

They are used in industries such as aerospace, engineering, transport and manufacturing to degrease and clean all metal parts, most plastics, rubber and non-live electrical components.

Our solvent cleaners will dissolve even soldering flux and is used as a circuit board cleaner. They have low viscosities to ensure that all parts of the circuit board is cleaned and you don't need to wait long before coating with APT printed circuit board protective spray-on lacquer.

Safe for use in confined spaces with no toxic fumes or noxious odours.

Use to our solvent cleaners to remove all metal working residues, greases, oils, flux, inks, glues, tars, adhesives, waxes and most other unwanted residues including sticky labels.

Try non residual drying solvent Kagez for degreasing and panel wiping.

Microtec 41-80 fast drying solvent cleaner safe for cicuits baord cleaning and sensitive componant degreasing

Or Lemix 7 super fast drying solvent cleaner which evpaorates without leaving any residues ideal for panel wiping where fast drying solvent degreaser is paramount.

Our highly refined fast dry solvent degreasing fluid range is perfect for cleaning and degreasing components in dip tanks, ultrasonic cleaning processes, manual parts washer degreasing and panel wipe cleaning.

We listened to customers and now stock smaller easy to use 750 ml trigger packs for engineering on site cleaning and degreasing work. Great to flush and degrease difficult to reach areas.

Advantages and benefits

  • Fast-evaporating no residue formulas - no further cleaning needed before priming or coating
  • Safe, user friendly solvent cleaners
  • Eco-friendly - replace other hazardous solvents
  • Versatile – use in a wide range of applications

All our fast dry solvent cleaner fluids are ideal for use on non-live electronic parts and can be used as a pre-treatment panel cleaner or parts cleaner where subsequent coatings need to be applied.

We invite you to browse our selection of solvent degreaser products, with affordable prices to meet your budget.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding our selection of industrial solvents, degreaser and other products, call our friendly team of experts here at APT on 01495 308048.